Scheduling of the Lab

1st Lab:

  • 14. Febr. 2022 (Monday),
  • 16:15 - 20:00
  • Measurement: M2. PCB Design, see: Lab Guides
  • Place: for course H31E, it is QBP 107
  • Your course code can be checked in the Neptun

Each student begins the semester with the second measurement. Please prepare for the this measurement as well!

The groups of students will be formed on the first measurement occasion.

The scheduling of the laboratory is available at the end of this page as an attached file.

The laboratories will be held in building Q, laboratory rooms QPB107-110. Each measurement is allocated to a laboratory in the scheduling. Maps to the laboratories is available here.

You can follow here, your marks - it is updated at 9 pm on Monday. It will be active after the introductory measurements. It is especially important to check these marks regularry. If somebody misses a measurement, it should be marked by the instructor with mark 0. If the cell belonging to a missed measuremet is left empty, please contact the leader of the laboratory as soon as possible since repetitions are scheduled according to this table! Please contact us if some mark is given incorretly in the table!

How to interpret the scheduling

In order to understand and decode the scheduling table, the neptun code of the laboratory course (course code) and the number (ID) of the measurement group have to be known. The former can be known from the Neptun system while the latter will be assigned during the first measurement occasion.
Within the code, the first capital letter refers to the day (H - Monday), the first number refers to the time zone within the day, the next number refers to the number of the course within that time zone and the final number, that can take values from g0...g9 refers to the measurement team of two people. One can fully decode the scheduling and can identify which measurements must be taken on which dates and times.
The colouring of the cells refer to the room, where the measurment is held, and the number within the cell identifies the specific measurement.
  • Red - Q107, Orange - Q108, Yellow - Q109, Blue - Q110
Let us see an example for the decoding of the schedule based on the attached Schedule__EXAMPLE_FOR_DECODING table. 
  • Example: H3c -> "H" denotes the day, which is Monday, and "3" refers to the time zone, which is 16:15-20:00. The letter "c" picks the course within the day and time zone, it can have values of 1, 2, or 3 etc. (if these courses exist). The H3c can be checked in the Neptun system.
  • The "Date" column enumerates the calendar dates for each course when measurements will be held. For the H3c courses, such as H31, the third occasion is on 02.28 Monday.
  • The "Measurement Task" shows the measurements that the measurement groups will have to carry out during the given occasion. One course consists of 10 teams of 2 students enumerated as g0...g9. The teams (groups) g0...g4 and g5...g9 within the same course carry out differen measurement tasks. The group code, i.e., the number of the measurement team is determined on the very first measurement occasion of the course.
  • Example: The group H31Eg2 (Monday 3rd time zone 1st course, English, group 2) will have measurement 7 on the 10th occasion (04.25 Monday, 16:15-20:00), and according to the coloring of the cell (orange), in Q 108 laboratory room. 

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