General information

The 2022 spring semester starts in the "usual" way, so personal attendance is required. The labs start on the first week (2022.02.14), when the assigment of the measurement teams (each team consists of 2 people) will be also determined.

The scheduling is available on the "Scheduling" tab.


In this webpage, we summarize some rules regarding the distance learing.

During the distance learning, the students should prepare for each measurements from the laboratory guides and videos which are shared on the homepage of the subject. The scheduling of the measurements can be found as an attached file at the bottom of the menü "Scheduling of the Lab":

You should prepare the report skeleton alone according to the laboratory guides, videos and measurement results which are optionally shared on the homepage. The report skeletons contain the measurement tasks. After solving the measurement tasks, you should hand in your measurement report on the following homepage:

The submission deadline of the reports is Thursday, 24:00 on the same week when you has the measurement (for example: if you have a measurement on 15. Febr, you should hand in the report until 24:00 on 18. Febr).

During the scheduled laboratory time (Monday, 16:15), we will hold online consultations, where you can ask from the instructor. You can find the calendar entry for the consultation meeting in your MS-Teams calendar (LAboratory 2, consultation). You should join to the meeting at 16:15. I would like to draw your attention that you should prepare for the consultation. The objective of the consultations is not to explain the theory of the measurement, but to explain those things which are not clear after reading the related materials.

The following table contains the list of instructors who hold the measurement consultations:

Measurement Instructor Homepage of instructor
M4. Measuring electrical power Iváncsy Tamás - VET
M5. Testing basic transistor amplifiers Szabó József - HVT
M6. Testing instrumentation amplifiers Hegedüs János - EET
M7. A/D and D/A converters Reichardt András - HVT
M8. Identification and control of linear systems Németh Gábor - TMIT!hun
M9. Study of Analog Phase-Locked Loop (APLL) Nguyen Tuan Hai - HIT
M10. Eval. of a 915-MHz FSK SoC Radio Transceiver Krébesz Tamás - MIT
M11. Application Techniques of Logic Controllers Max Gyula - AUT

You can find the contact informations of the instructors on the homepages above or in MS-Teams.







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