Final exam

Credits are granted for students successfully passing the mid-term, the labs and the final exam.
Advance exams are not organized from this subject.

The format of the exam will be the same as the mid-term test was, BUT there will be a jump-in test in the first 10 minutes of the exam. This test will be contain 10 simple questions (mostly definitions, see the attached file). To pass the jump-in test, at least 6 answers have to be correct. After the 10 minutes jump-in test, the normal exam will start for the duration of 60 minutes.

The midterm doest not count toward your total score on the final exam.

To pass the exam

  • At least 6 correct answers in the jump-in test
  • At lest 20 points in the normal test

Final grade

Points Grade (1-5)
0-19 1 (no credits)
20-27 2
28-34 3
35-41 4
42- 5


Attached files: 
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