M7.: Four Terminal Electronic Components

Lab: Q BP108.

Distance learning: The report skeleton including the related videos and the measurement results and for distance learning is found as a protected file below.


Required knowledge

  • Calculation of inductance of toroidal and solenoidal inductors.
  • Knowledge of basic definitions related to magnetism and magnetic materials, e.g., magnetic field strength (H), magnetic flux density (B), permeability, B-H curve, hysteresis loop, saturation, core loss, copper loss, inductance factor.
  •  Interpretation of quantities at the end of the guide, and interpretation of any of the quantities that are mentioned in the laboratory exercises.
  • Connection between the current and induced voltage in an inductor. Calculation of H and B in an inductor. Calculation for sinusoidal excitation.
  •  Kinds of losses in a transformer/inductor, e.g., copper loss, core loss (hysteresis loss, eddy current loss). Why laminated cores are used? How the skin effect changes the copper loss?  
  • In circuit measurement.
  • Parameters and models (equivalent circuit) of transformers, e.g., how core and copper losses, leakage/magnetizing reactances are modeled, dependency between turn ratio and secondary/primary voltage and current. Insertion loss.

Course materials


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