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The goal of our project is to create a computer security-related e-learning web portal. Unlike currently available pages of similar content, it does not concentrate on technology and product specific issues, but the forming of a security-centric approach, the recognition and memorization of generally applicable rules of thumb and as a result this will strengthen the consciousness, the feeling of security and trust. In order to achieve the desired results, we utilize all possibilities of web technology from simple hierarchically structured content through interactive games implying rules of thumb and tests for self-checking to multimedia presentation material. Assembling the education material of portal is founded on several years of teaching experience and already prepared material, subject syllabi, coursebooks and presentations on video. During the creation of the web portal we intend to provide content that exceeds currently available printed material, encompasses new technologies and teaches a security approach based on a long-term, conscious and valid way of thinking. On this interesting, exciting but sometimes obscure field we would like to have our visitors understand and acquire handholds and rules of thumb, which help in building trust and a feeling of security. We believe that the topic of security cannot simply be seen as raw material knowledge. Without long-term valid statements and the correct point of view it is virtually impossible to create or apply conscious, trust-building security solutions. In this respect we intent to create a service that is currently scarcely found, as similar forming of a security approach supported with games and interactive methods have appeared neither in primary, secondary, nor in higher education, not to speak of generations that already finished schools. Therefore enhancement of the correct way of thinking is an important topic on the level of society.

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