Measurement laboratory 4

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For the first measurement there are two files (beginning with "ml4_m1_"). One is a combined document of a measurement guide and a report template. While the other holds some _sample_ test questions. "Sample" means we are free to ask any other questions regarding the subject of the measurement. However these sample questions can help you decide on which topics is it worth to put focus during preparation.
For convenience we have also published the slides of the subject Computer Networks:
The measurements are organized in a very similar way as the previous measurement laboratories. Each measurement begins with a little test. You will receive a score for it (from 1 to 5, and a minimum of 2 is needed to pass this test). The average of these scores will be counted to your final result for the laboratory with 30% weight, 70% will be the exam measurement at the end of the semester. If you fail one measurement (either by not reaching the 2 points minimum for the little test or not being present at the measurement) you have to repeat that measurement. During the semester only one measurement can be repeated.
1. Ethernet, TCP/IP
2. Switch
3. VoIP
4. Windows
5. Linux
Repeat (if necessary)
The exam measurement at the end of the semester is consists of two part (two times 45 minutes). One part is for the OS measurements (Linux and Windows) and the other is for the network related measurements (VoIP and Switch). During both parts you will receive one task which has to be solved in practice from one measurement in and some little question from the other measurement from the same group.
For example:
OS part: Linux practice and Windows test question (or the other way around)
Network part: VoIP practice and Switch test question (or the other way around).

If you have any question, feel free to email Gábor Naszály or Csaba Tóth.

Under the following link you can find English language materials for Measurement Laboratory 4:

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