Xilinx ISE virtual machine

In order to make available the Xilinx ISE development environmet in a relatively easy way, we make it available in the form of a so called virtual machine. The link from where the virtual machine can be downloaded is given in the attached file "link to the virtual machine" at the bottom of the homepage, below the header "Protected files (do not distribute them)".  

ATTENTION! The file "link to the virtual machine" is a protected file, so you can see it only after logging in to the website of the department, the log-in procedure is detailed here: https://www.mit.bme.hu/eng/oktatas/targyak/vimiac12/jegyzet).

The advantage of this virtual machine is that the Xilinx ISE is already installed, and you don't need to configure it. After running the virtual machine, you can simply use the development environment.

You can imagine a virtual machine as a software which simulates a separate operation system that uses the resources of your PC (host machine). You can see it as a separate window. It is useful, because this wirtual machine is prepared for your laboratory, and the FPGA development environment is already installed. You should install only the software which can run this virtual machine (VMWare Player). If you don't need the Xilinx ISE any more, you can delete this virtual machine as a simple file, and you don't need run an uninstall procedure. 

How to use this virtual machine:

  • Install the vmware_windows.exe. This is the "computer simulator" which can run an other operation system on your PC. (This version of the virtual machine can be installed on Windows, but there is also Linux version). This basic version of  VMware is a free software.
  • Download the file digitstudent.zip (NOT the digitstudent.vmxf) (cca 7 GByte, unzipped: cca. 15 GByte). This is a complete Windows XP operation system configuration (you can use it only for educational purpose), and the Xilinx ISE is already installed.
  • Unzip the file digitstudent.zip, and then search for "digitstudent.vmx". By doubleclick on digitstudent.vmx, the VMWare Player will be started (alternatively, you can run the VMWare Player and open this virtual machine file).
  • You can start the virtual machine it by clicking the "Play virtual machine" after the VMWare Player has been opened).
  • Ctrl-Alt-Enter switches to full screen mode. After boot procedure, it is a full function operation system. You can switch it off as ususally.
  • Ctrl-Alt combo switches back to the "normal" (host) Windows.



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