General information

Students have to register for the exam in the Neptun system; only registered students are allowed to take the exam. The successful homework is a prerequisite for the exam.

The exam is in written form. The final grade result is calculated from the result of the homework (25%) and the result of the written exam (75%). The result of both the homework and the written exam shall be at least "pass" (2).

During the exam, students are only allowed to use a pen and clean sheets of paper. It is forbidden to communicate with other students by any means.

Please find below a checklist for self-assessment before the exam.

A sample exam is available on the Materials page.

Technical information regarding the online exams in the fall semester of 2020/21

Exam dates are December 16., January 6., 13., and 20. Each exam starts at 8:30 in the morning.
The dates and starting times of the exams will be published in the Neptun system (when the registration period will start). 
You have to register for your selected exam.
Important: To have your exam on December 16, your homework has to be submitted by December 11.
To solve and submit the exam, you need the following:
  • Internet connection.
  • Web browser and PDF reader to access and read the exercises.
  • Dark pen (blue or black) and empty sheets of A4 paper (at least 4 sheets) to prepare your solution.
  • Digital camera, document scanner, or mobile phone with camera or scanner application (e.g., Cam Scanner, Office Lens, Genius Scan) to digitize your solution in PDF or JPG format.
The necessary steps to access the exercises and submit your solution are the following:
  1. At the starting time of the exam please login to the https://hf.mit.bme.hu/ portal (with your BME Central Login system account).
    Here, regarding the "Design and Integration of Embedded Systems" subject, you will find an "Exam YYYY-MM-DD" row where YYYY-MM-DD is the date of the exam. Please click on the corresponding row and you can find in the "URL" field the URL of the exercises (the link will appear exactly at the starting time of the exam).
  2. Solve the exercises by handwriting and drawing of diagrams on your sheets of paper. Please start solving each exercise on a separate page. On each page, please write your name, Neptun code, and signature. 
    60 minutes are available for solving the exercises.
  3. Then digitize the pages containing your solution into PDF (preferred) or JPG format, with a resolution that is well readable, but ensures that the size of your full solution does not exceed 10 MB.
    If you digitize into PDF then merge all pages into a single PDF document. If you digitize into JPG then add your files to a single ZIP package. If you are not proficient in digitizing A4 sheets then please practice before the exam.
  4. Upload your PDF document or ZIP package to the portal before the deadline, which is 60+15 minutes after the starting time of the exam (i.e., 15 minutes are available to digitize and upload your solution). For example, if the starting time is 8:30 a.m. then the submission deadline is 9:45 a.m. 
    Uploading is allowed from the start of the exam, thus if you are ready earlier then you can upload your file. Uploading is possible on the same page where the URL of the exercises was provided.
The evaluation of the exam will be available on the same portal.
Both your homework and the written exam will be evaluated using grades (1 to 5). In both cases, at least 2 ("pass") is necessary.
The final grade of the course is computed in the following way: 0.25*<homework grade> + 0.75*<exam grade>.

Solutions of the exams in the fall semester of 2020/21

Please find below the solutions of the exams.

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