BME MIT mentorship for Hyperledger Summer Internship 2021

Hyperledger – an umbrella project with the stewardship of the Linux Foundation – is organizing its blockchain-focused Summer Internship program in 2021 again. The Dept. of Measurement and Information Systems (MIT) of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) is proud to announce that it will participate in the program with a mentor and mentored project – the third time in the brief history of the Summer Internship.

The Hyperledger Summer Internship is an international and highly competitive program with paid internships. Mentee applications open on March 29 and close on May 7. We hope that this year will see successful application(s) from our students again! For instructions to apply, visit the official site or reach out to our mentor, Attila Klenik.

Our department has been active in the research and education of blockchain technologies and their enterprise, industrial and critical applications since 2016, with the leadership of Prof. András Pataricza. In conjunction with these activities the University was honored with an academic associate membership in Hyperledger – as the first university in the region. The department participates in multiple international collaborations targeting the application of blockchain technologies, as well as their design for performance and resilience. In cooperation with the European Institute of Technology, the department also offers two industrial courses – one at the stakeholder and decision maker level and another focusing on blockchain in digital manufacturing and modern logistics. Courses are also offered in cooperation with the Budapest Institute of Banking. Dr. Imre Kocsis, an assistant professor with the department, is also an appointed national observer in blockchain standardization processes at ISO.

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