DSP Laboratory

Signal processing has been an important research and development area at the Department of Measurement and Information Systems and its predecessors. At the end of the eighties the first signal processors arrived to the Department. This allowed the implementation of signal processing algorithms in real time. The new processors and their development tools, instruments, equipment called for the new DSP laboratory, which was established in 1992. The abbreviation (DSP) denotes digital signal processing and digital signal processor as well. The first DSP boards and special instruments were donated by Mr. Josef Heim, who had had cooperation with the Department for a long time.

Our laboratory presents an opportunity for students and staff members to check out their signal processing algorithms, from students' laboratory experiments to high-level research topics, in real situations. Our aim is to have high-level knowledge in measurement and electronics besides the up-to-date signal processing methods. The DSP lab is both an intellectual and experimental workshop which is able to review the research and development problems on the whole, and solve the necessary subtasks, as well.

Research of acoustic applications of digital signal processing is the specialtiy of our laboratory. Active noise control was one of our first research topics, followed recently by the digital sound synthesis. There is a continuously growing set of vibroacoustic sensors and instruments available to support our research.

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