Integrated Biometic Systems

Integrated Biometric Identification Systems
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Tateyama Magyar Laboratórium Kft, SEARCH-LAB Biztonsági Elemző Értékelő és Kutató Laboratórium Kft

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Szoba: Search Lab

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Szoba: Search Lab

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The Department of Measurement and Information Systems at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics joined forces with two SME companies, Tateyama Hungarian Laboratory Ltd, and SEARCH-LAB Ltd to launch a major security technology research & development project. The project has two main goals. On one hand the project aims to research and develop new and innovative biometric identification methods (like ear identification with mobile phones, palm-scanner, computer supported human face recognition, etc), which will complete the product portfolio of the partners to address market segments that require high-end or cost-effective solutions or want to apply biometrics in the secure and effective handling of masses. On the other hand the consortium members plan to develop such an integrated personal identification and tracking system that can combine traditional, typically card based access control systems, computer user identification solutions (knowledge- or token-based authentication) and biometric methods (like existing fingerprint based or the now-elaborated palm and ear based identifications) with video surveillance systems in order to track persons in an observed environment, and thus preferably continuously register their identity. This way security guards can see not just the monitors of video cameras, but they can see the identities and the access rights of shown people. Using this extra information, effectiveness of surveillance systems will increase significantly resulting in a more secure solution.

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