Artificial Intelligence

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A munkatárs fényképe
associate professor
Szoba: IE414
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A munkatárs fényképe
associate professor
Szoba: E423
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Email: antal (*) mit * bme * hu
A munkatárs fényképe
assistant professor
Szoba: IE427
+36 1 463-2010
Email: gaborhu (*) mit * bme * hu


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The aim of the subject is a short, yet substantial presentation of the field of artificial intelligence. The principal presented topics are (1) expressing intelligent behavior with computational models, (2) analysis and application of the formal and heuristic methods of artificial intelligence, (3) methods and problems of practical implementations. The subject is intended to develop the abilities and skills of the students of informatics in the area of:

- studying novel applications of the computing,

- developing effective methods to solve computational problems,

- understanding the technological and conceptual limits of the computer science,

- intellectual understanding of the central role of the algorithm in information systems.

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