Digital Design

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A munkatárs fényképe
associate professor
Szoba: IE334
+36 1 463-4372
Email: khazy (*) mit * bme * hu


A munkatárs fényképe
assistant professor
Szoba: IE 415
+36 1 463-3585
Email: palfi (*) mit * bme * hu


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Digital technology is an important core subject in the curriculum of the Engineering Information Technology, and the most important objective of the course to present the process of engineering and system-oriented approach of problems and the required basic practical skills, to establish good problem solving skills. The following topics are discussed: computing systems, the basic elements of the operation of logic circuits, the digital abstraction of the simple tasks and direct hardware or low-level software implementations of them.

The course starts with the introduction of the binary arithmetic, the operations done by basic digital functional units and controllers, and ending by the presentation of the general-purpose microcontroller architecture and its design and applications. Lectures are completed with classroom and laboratory exercises, where the focus is on the mastering of modern computer design methods and the direct design/development experience.

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