a. During the semester:

  • All of the measurements should be accomplished with success. In order to accomplish a measurement:
    • Students should prepare to the measurement according to the laboratory guides that are found on the homepage. The instructor will check at the beginning of each measurement (in the form of a short oral or written test) whether the students have prepared for the measurement correctly.
    • Students should take part on each laboratory (please arrive in time, if somebody is late, the instructor may ask him/her to repeat the measurement).
    • The measurement tasks should be performed and documented. 
    • On the introductory measurement students don't get any marks for the measurements. However, if somebody misses of the measurement, the measurement should be repeated. 
    • All others are thematic measurements. Every student will get his/her own mark for each measurement. The mark is formed by taking into account:
      • the quality of the work of the student during the measurement (w);
      • the quality of the measurement report (r);
      • the final mark for a measurement is formed as: mi = 0.5*w + 0.5*r (if any of the sub marks w, r is one, the final marks is also mi=1, i.e. the measurement should be repeated)
  • The scheduling of the measurement tasks is found on the homepage. Please follow the scheduling carefully. If somebody prepares for a wrong measurement, he/she should repeat the actual measurement.

Repetitions during the semester:

  • During the semester, two measurements can be repeated irrespectively of the reason why these measurement were not accomplished (it is missed due to any reason, or somebody hasn't prepared correctly).
  • One measurement can be repeated only once. If somebody fails the repetition, he/she fails the whole subject. Please prepare for the repetitions thoroughly!
  • Measurements will be repeated according to the scheduling which is published on the homepage. There is only one time slot (week) for the repetition of each group of measurements (held by AUT, IIT and MIT). NOTE: Repetition of the measurements of MIT are during the 8th week. The repetitions during the slots are not in a pre-fixed date and will be scheduled on the basis of the measurements to be retaken, and on the basis of the number of students who have to retake the particular measurement. The number of students who can simultaneously attend a certain measurement is limited. Therefore, students who have to retake a measurement have to inform the instructor of the measurement AND consult Ivor Dülk ( as soon as possible!
  • No repetition is hold for the intro measurement, but students who miss this measurement are kindly asked to prepare themselves! It is also important, that if somebody misses this measurement, then only one other measurement can be repeated!


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